Oliver & Sebastian Moy started pursuing a shared dream after four years on social media. This dream came to life when they brought together their best friends; a group of young, passionate and bold Asian American Creators in the hopes of reaching and making a positive impact on as many fans as possible. Debuted on August 28th, 2021 during the height of a world wide pandemic; The North Star Boys work to achieve their dreams and inspire others along the way.


Vision: To Inspire Asian Americans 

Mission Statement: to bring together and cultivate the most influential, creative, and impactful Asian American creators in order to reach our shared destination; The North Star: our Fans


Tyler Bray is a Nationally Recognized Entrepreneur with experience directing successful Sales, Manufacturing, Operations, Logistics, Marketing, Distribution and E-Commerce for multi mullion dollar businesses. His diverse skill set is aided by unmatched energy to create authentic and strong relationships with his clients, vendors, and team members.

⁃ First Investor & Manager of North Star Boys