Oliver Moy is a multifaceted creator that leveraged his passion for music and media, to co-create the first Asian-American content group, North Star Boys, with his younger brother Sebastian Moy. Moy grew up homeschooled in South Florida, where he channeled his love for the arts into filmmaking, music, acting, and dreaming about moving to Los Angeles. As an escape from reality, Oliver and Sebastian began seriously creating content in 2016. Within three years, Moy’s passion projects turned into a career where he participated in a successful nationwide tour among some of the top creators in social media.


Moy used his unique experiences and passions to ultimately form the North Star Boys. His incredible experience, as well as the bond of the group, skyrocketed his social media career. In 2022, plans to debut his music career, releasing original music vocalized by himself and the North Star Boys.