Sebastian Moy is a South Florida native who turned his passion for the arts into a career, starting at the age of 14. Growing up homeschooled, Moy focused on developing his passions in the arts, content creation, acting, music, and editing videos. Using social media as an escape from his reality, Moy rapidly began growing a social media following through his relatable content which ultimately presented him the opportunity to be flown out to LA by a media network to join a show, The Flighthouse.


Moy moved to Los Angeles full-time to foster his skills in social media, business, and music. In 2021, Sebastian Moy and his brother, Oliver Moy, brought together the North Star Boys, the first-ever Asian American creator group. Moy’s goal from the start was to inspire others and live his best life, and being a co-creator of North Star Boys allows him to do that.